What We Do

Peterson McVicar LLP is focused on the mining and technology sectors, providing legal services for emerging public companies

We focus on providing legal services for emerging public companies.

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Who We Are

A Focus on Tech

Peterson McVicar LLP has an extensive crypto mining and fintech practice. We understand emerging industries and we get behind them with technical knowledge and a deep awareness of the regulatory oversight of these industries.

Who We Are

Aligned with Mining

Peterson McVicar LLP is a firm of mining law experts who have worked with mining companies in every mining jurisdiction in the world. We would be pleased to share our insight on deal structures, mineral tenure systems and fast-tracking reporting and compliance matters for you.

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Our Services


Stock Exchange Listings

We have a detailed familiarity with all North American stock exchanges.  Our extensive knowledge of comparative regulatory approaches of these stock exchanges can assist you to execute a plan.  We would be pleased to discuss our strategies with you.

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Prospectus Offerings

We are highly experienced with long form, short form and base shelf prospectuses, as well as cross-border offerings.  We can develop a plan for your public offering which is efficient and straightforward for investors and dealers.

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Reverse Take-Overs

We have detailed and extensive knowledge of the reverse take-over regulatory requirements of all exchanges in Canada.  We can develop and complete an effective and efficient reverse take-over strategy for you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We have a complete understanding of numerous M&A deal structures and regulatory paths to ensure a proper process with deal certainty and execution.  This experience encompasses deal terms as well as satisfying fiduciary obligations for business judgments.  We are interested in providing you with our recommendations for your M&A transaction and the approach we would take to close.

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Private Placement (Brokered & Non-Brokered)

We work extensively on brokered and non-brokered private placement financings, which are the mainstay of the public financing market and the classic method to raise capital.  These structures must be executed swiftly with precision, and we have the techniques for this.

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Rights Offerings

We are vastly experienced with the strategic use and execution of rights offerings.  We are able to work with you to develop a prudent and rational recapitalization through a rights offering.

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We have a passion for startups which we have executed across all sectors.  Start-ups must consider founder dynamics and establish the proper groundwork for eventual exit as well as strategic participation.  We are pleased to share our experience with you and develop a plan.

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Compliance & Corporate Governance

We have developed systems for compliance and corporate governance.  We integrate these approaches with a client’s business so that the proper steps are taken in the normal course of business.  This enhances decisions and compliance rather than being disruptive and inefficient.