On August 20, 2014 TriAusMin Limited (“TriAusMin”) announced the implementation of a scheme of arrangement (the “Scheme”) between Heron Resources Limited (“Heron”) and TriAusMin to acquire all of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of TriAusMin. Pursuant to the Scheme, Heron acquired all of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of TriAusMin and issued as consideration to all eligible shareholders of TriAusMin, one (1) ordinary share of Heron for every 2.33 TriAusMin shares held. The shares of Heron were concurrently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as part of the transaction. The merger provides Heron with a major development asset strongly aligned with its strategic focus and provides TriAusMin with the necessary funds and complementary team to enable it to progress with the next stages of the proposed combined Woodlawn Underground and Woodlawn Tailings Retreatment projects in Australia.

Peterson Law acted as counsel to TriAusMin in connection with the Scheme and Toronto Stock Exchange listing with a team that included Dennis Peterson.